What Has Been Fun This Summer?

In the ESL Bible class, George asked the question as a warm up.

‘Fun?  I am tackling side effects every day though.”

In a moment I got blank, but yes!  There are still fun things from which I get joy!

I really look forward to the Bible studies on Tuesday and Thursday.

Even if I feel ill, I don’t want to miss those classes.  Yet this is true not only for this summer:  Those classes have been giving me joy, peace, and courage every time through a whole year.


Since the trip to Carmel, I have been obsessed with gardening.

Since I enjoyed the beauty of the nature around Carmel, I’ve had the desire to have a beautiful healing garden with lots of flowers and greens, and also growing healthy, safe produce.

This is not the first time I got the desire. I have the desire almost every summer  but  I am terrible at gardening:  I kill plants every time I try to grow.  I have zero ability and sense of gardening.

Yet my desire became so strong that I couldn’t resist getting new plants; so this year I got not only flowers but also vegetable plants.

Every morning, it doesn’t matter if I feel sick or not, I go out to the back yard without even changing my PJs, to see my precious plants.

Mini roses, geraniums, Hydrangeas, Jasmines, Asteraceaes, Orchid, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, lime tree, lemon tree, fig tree, and more—I look at them one by one carefully as though they were my children.

The green tomatoes are growing bigger every day.

Cucumbers started from seeds.

It has been five years to see the fruits finally on this lime tree


Every evening, I do the same as  I do watering.


Under my poor care, my yard doesn’t look beautiful yet, but because of that, each time if I find new buds, leaves, or fruits coming out, I get so excited that I count them over and over.

‘Our yard may need good soil.  I should make a compost pile recycling kitchen waste.’

Once I bought the composter, making and waiting for the compost – which takes at least 3 months – became fun, as well!


I wonder when I can have the first home-made produce on the dinner table.

I can’t wait!!









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  1. If the compost brings you joy – so let it be. Enjoy the fruit. God sees you the same way: bearing fruit in your life, to the praise of his glory.

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