Experiment for Neuropathy

Among many my side effects is numbness and tingling of toes and fingers.

Since Taxol was added, this is getting more annoying and sometimes hurting.

It’s called Neuropathy, which could cause difficulties of walking or buttoning if it gets serious.

Mine is still mild, but in spite of the multiple Vitamin B a doctor recommended me to take every night, I haven’t seen any improvement.

As I told so to the doctor, she prescribed a pain medicine.  Yet the description of the medicine said that this was used for anti-depression as well.  Anti-depressions I know of could prevent not only depressions but also excitements, which made me nervous to use it.

I also told the concern to my friend, Dr. M, who first recommended that I use Taxol, and then she said to try ice packs on my toes.

Each time when she has an infusion of Taxol, she ices her feet with ice packs, which contracts the blood vessels and prevents the medicine to reach the toes.

I have bad circulation and have a hard time to sleep at night with cold feet.

The infusion of Taxol takes an hour and if I have to ice my feet so long, it’s like I’m  in a refrigerator!

I was reluctant, but f it’s working for Dr. M, I should try it, too.

I went to stores and got two ice packs and a pair of arm covers.

Wearing two pairs of socks, I inserted my feet into the arm covers where the folded ice packs were placed.

Ugh! It’s cold!

Pretty soon my big toe began hurting.

Hang on! This is better than the medicine!

So I kept icing my feet and made it to the end of the infusion.

I am not sure how many people would like to try the same, but hopefully it will help my toes.

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