He Never Make A Mistake

In The Joy in Loving, Mother Teresa says,

“I don’t know what God is doing.

He knows.

We do not understand, but one thing I’m sure,

He doesn’t make a mistake.”


“Why me?” “Why did cancer spread?”  “Why———?”

Such questions never give us satisfactory answers, though we are tempted to ask whenever we hit calamities.

Yet, she is right.  God never makes mistakes, and He promised never to abandon us, who believe in Him.

If we know this, it’s enough.  Faith leads us to exits where we find the light.

Being encouraged by Mother Teresa, I’m going to the chemo ward today, again!

One thought on “He Never Make A Mistake

  1. Great line, Zuyo-chan: “Faith leads us to exits where we find the light.” You and Mo. T rock!

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