Hold Off the Surgery

I decided to postpone the granuloma surgery scheduled on the 26th.  This week has been a rough week after the 6th infusion of Taxole and Herceptin:  On top of diarrhea, I have had nausea especially at night after I take Tykerb.  My body has been heavy as though I were carrying weights on my legs.  My toes have been constantly tingling and hurting, and my energy has run out quickly.

Last time when I had the granuloma surgery, I was vomiting and loopy for about a couple days, probably because of  pain medicine. Lying down on a couch most of the time, I wonder how much more I had to take if I had the surgery.  I became afraid to have the surgery.

On the other hand, Aloe, which a doctor told me to apply on the finger, has been surprisingly helpful.  Although even wearing a glove was hurting, now I can play  piano!  (Probably it is still not a good idea to hit the granuloma onto keys though.)

I had applied  Aloe to the skin during the radiation therapy, as well, to protect and heal the damage .  This cheap natural remedy is working better than a steroid lotion. How great God’s invention is!

Doctors told me that a granuloma would be fixed only by surgery, but if it won’t get bigger and doesn’t hurt, I ‘d like to wait for the surgery until my body condition gets better.

I know I am the one who made it a big deal to treat it ASAP.  The doctor might be rolling his eyes.


Waiting for the Result of CT Scan

Friday I went to have the first CT scan after the metastasis to evaluate the effect of the chemo I have been on since May.  I was told that it would take 3-5 days to get the result.  This is going to be a long weekend.  May the Lord have granted my prayers!

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