Granuloma and Surgery Again

That painful granuloma came back at exactly same place and I have to have a surgery again!

About three weeks after the first surgery to remove the granuloma on my left index finger in March, at the follow up visit, the orthopedic doctor said, “ It looks good,” though the finger was still oozy and pink.  I was unsure to believe what the doctor said, and kept my eye on the finger.

In May, I noticed the red tumor being formed from the oozy side of the wound.  When I had the first surgery, I thought if I could’ve seen the orthopedics promptly, I could’ve avoided the tumor getting so big and had a laser surgery in her office to get rid of it.   Believing that earlier  is the easier to treat, I immediately contacted the doctor.  Yet I was told to keep applying a steroid lotion since it was still small, and if it becomes bigger, she would treat it right away instead of a surgery in an OR.  I was disappointed with the doctor who did nothing for my finger, but obeyed her instruction.

After a few weeks, I e-mailed the doctor again as the granuloma didn’t look like it was going away.

A phone call came from Kaiser soon, and asked me to come in.   I was sluggish due to  chemo, but hoping the doctor would give me something to get rid of the granuloma this time, I visited  orthopedics.

“ I don’t want to cut it, because it is small.  Even if I cut it, it will probably come back again,” said the orthopedics, and continued;

“  I will refer you to a different doctor.  This Friday is the last day for me here anyway because I was engaged.  I wondered if I should let you know about it, but I wanted to see how you are doing.”

She smiled at me.

‘Thank you for seeing me!  I am so happy to see you, too!  Didn’t you know how much I wanted to see you? You told me that you would get rid of this nasty granuloma if it becomes bigger.  I came here paying money and pushing myself for nothing again!’

I made a smile, and acutually said, ”Thank you”, but truly I was very frustrated.

Then at home when I got a phone call that told my appointment with the new doctor would be more than one month away, I snapped.

“ Do you know how long I had waited for the first surgery and had to go through enormous pain?  Do you know how much I am frustrated?  I am going to write a complaint!”

The nurse over the phone told me that the supervisor would call me, but instead of talking with the supervisor, I could get an earlier appointment today because there was a cancelation.

I liked the new doctor, who took time to listen and looked at the finger closely.

It is about 2-3mm, which is much smaller than the first granuloma, but disappointingly he said he would need to remove the nail to clean there.

According to him,  granuloma may come back repeatedly even if the surgery was successful.

So, my surgery is scheduled on the 26th.

Each time you have a surgery, Kaiser gives a pair of purple bear socks, and I  have 4 pairs already.  Including George’s, We are going to have 7 pairs!

2 thoughts on “Granuloma and Surgery Again

  1. I want more purple socks! Zuyo-chan, I’m so sorry you have to go through so much, and incompetent doctors are very frustrating, but God is still on the throne – we are in his hands – and I love you!

  2. Hi Kathy and George,

    So sorry you are going through such a rough time.

    I continue praying fervently, and will ask the Blessed Mother to ask her Son for some action here. He didn’t refuse her at Cana, so I will prayfully ask for her intercession.
    Love, Arlene

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