New Medicine! But Not for Me, Again.

It was over-shadowed by T-DM1.  Yet Perjeta (Pertuzmab), a new drug for HER2+ breast cancer, was approved by FDA on 6/8.

Perjeta is an antibody drug, like Herceptin, and although it didn’t show a good result by itself, with a combination of Herceptin and a conventional chemo, Taxotere, the median cancer free length was 18.5 months, which was about 6 months longer than Herceptin and Taxotere only.

In the clinical trial of T-DM1, a remission period of T-DM1 was 9.6 months compared with 6.4 months of conventional chemo.  If T-DM1, which shows about 3 months longer remission, is called the promising drug, 6months of Perjeta with Herceptin and Taxotele looks really hopeful.

I was disqualified from T-DM1 clinical trials. O.K. then, if Perjeta is approved in June, I want to use it—–That’s what I was thinking.

As I was hoping, the drug was approved.  Yet, it was approved with the condition:  This drug is only for metastasized patients who have never started metastatic treatments and only in the use with Herceptin and Taxotere.  I started my chemo after my metastasis in May.  I used Herceptin and Taxotere in the first regimen and they failed.  Therefore, I don’t fit in this condition.  I am disqualified again. ;-(

The FDA explained that they limited the use of Perjeta because Genentech could not produce this drug enough to supply for all women who need it.  FDA wants to give this precious drug to the women who need it the most first.

It makes sense.  When I look at the petition signing list, I noticed there were many women who were more desperate than me.

Genentech said they were going to work hard to solve this problem so that it would supply for all who need it.

I have to believe God’s timing and He knows the best for all including me, and be patient.

2 thoughts on “New Medicine! But Not for Me, Again.

  1. I think there’s
    a chemo with your name on it – at the very very least (or most) so many people love you and care – that’s a given. God loves you, many people do, and there’s me.
    The # 1 doctor in Lomita 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Hang in there. Still praying at daily mass and writing both your names in our Book of Intentions, so I guess that’s doubling down on prayers. Love you, Arlene

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