I’m in Carmel

I’d like to go to the holy land, Israel.

If my mom goes to Italy to visit Vatican, I’d like to meet her in Italy, too.

Or, I need to go to Japan.

Hawaii sounds good, also, for snorkeling.

Without knowing  what was coming, I was dreaming of my vacation expecting to end my treatment by autumn.

“I will be busy until Easter, but let’s take a vacation after then,” George had said.

Then we dived into the turmoil of the lung metastasis, and my dream was snatched away.  Yet, as the diarrhea became out of control, I was told to stop all chemo.

This may be the time to go somewhere!’ I thought.

Unluckily, George’s schedule didn’t fit during that chemo-free week, but we started pursuing to take a vacation and here we are in Carmel.

Our first plan was 3 nights, but when George told the manager of the vacation rental about my cancer, she generously offered us one more night as a surprise gift for wishing for my remission.


After ESL Bible study on Thursday, we left for Carmel, a small but beautiful coast town, driving 6 hours north from L.A..

Once we got out of L.A., the traffic was smooth.

Weather was perfect.  There was not even one spot of cloud in the blue sky and I-5 was wide-open in front of me with the gigantic beauty of ranches, green orchards, and vineyards for 180 degrees.

I, as a driver, felt so good and became a little bold.

‘I want to get there before 8pm.’

Glancing at the clock, I pressed the gas pedal a little more, and more.

In the back mirror, all of a sudden, I noticed a bigger than usual car getting close to my car very fast and started flashing the lights.

It’s a police car!

“ Excuse me.  You were driving a little fast.  May I see your driver license?”

So, I got a ticket. ;-(

But the rest of the trip, I am having a great time!

The house we are staying is so quiet surrounded by woods, and the ocean view from the house is breathtaking!


We are making a fire ( as the temperature drops under 60 F) at night, playing music, leaning back in a big comfortable couch.

It has been 18 years for us to visited Carmel and Monterey since our honeymoon.  Walking through Carmel-by-the Sea, driving the 17-Mile Drive, and watching peaceful sunsets from the house, I thought many times that this is grace! God truly makes us to “lie down in green pastures” and refreshes our souls.

Deer in Pebble beach


6 thoughts on “I’m in Carmel

  1. So happy for you both enjoying the beautiful scenery and being able to relax a little. You deserve it!
    Maybe George should do the driving…………LOL!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful time. Take care of yourself. TDM1 is all over the news I Pray we can both receive it, but more over, God blesses you richly with peace and contentment.
    Your Sister in Chrsit

  3. Driving a “little fast”? Oh, my!
    I’m so glad we had this opportunity in Carmel – and that God led us beside still waters and our souls were restored. Once again, grace – it’s all grace.

  4. I am so Happy you had such a spectacular time in Carmel. The pictures are wonderful. While you were away it was all over the news about TDM1. The first was May 31st. You can get the news on the internet if you use this date. The medicine you need is just around the corner. God will provide. Love you, Mom

  5. I could feel the peace in your words as you described your time at Carmel! What a precious gift those days were…especially since that was a revisiting of your honeymoon town! Yes, God does see to every detail of our lives and He knows when when we need the refreshment of being in the peaceful surroundings of His creation. Still praying for you daily along with two other dear friends who are fighting the fight. May His peace infold you and give you the strength to perservere through the battle into His victory.
    God Bless and Hugs, Donna

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