Two Inspiring Children

I finished a book “Heaven is for Real”.

I received this book as a Christmas gift.  There are so many books like this that are telling about the world after death, but  most of them are usually shallow and not trustable.

Yet this book has been on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list since 2010 and recently even the audio version was published.

So, I took the book with me to my doctor visits.


A Boy who Peaked into Heaven

In 1994, three-year-old Colton almost died due to an appendix rapture.   Because it took a week to diagnose the rapture after he developed the symptoms, nobody expected that he would have survived when he had an urgent surgery.

During this surgery, according to the book written by Colton’s father who is a pastor, Colton went to heaven and met angels, his great grandpa who passed before Colton was born, his unborn sister who was miscarried, John the Baptist, Jesus, and His father: God.

In spite of some questionable descriptions, I was really getting into the story.

When Colton had to have the surgery, the parents called everyone to pray for a miracle, and the father went to a small room to pray – with anger.

“ You are going to taking away my son?”   “Where are you? Is this how you treat your pastors?!”

“The most rude, disrespectful prayer” was heard with many other prayers, and Colton survived.  Then he started talking about his astounding experience in heaven.

 Dying is the Victory

I, who believe what the Bible says, believe in heaven.  The Bible says there are no more tears and sorrows in Heaven.  It’s a much more beautiful place than this earth, filled with joy and praises for God.

I understood that dying was to go back to the Creator’s house and liveed with Him happily forever, but the book convinced me this is true.

“The first person you’re going to see is Jesus.”

“ He has the most beautiful eyes and He is very nice,” said Colton.

The parents showed him pictures of Jesus wanting to know more what  He looked like, but Colton only shook his head from side to side until he was shown the one drawn by Akiane Kramarik .   He said that was Jesus he met in Heaven.

The Jesus portrait by Akiane looks so handsome with  brown short hair!

I was now fascinated and Googled this child prodigy, Akiane Kramarik.

According to her site, she started drawing at age 4, being inspired by God. She ( now 18 years old) who is older than Colton describes Heaven and God more precisely and that is so interesting.

Although the Bible prohibits worshiping any idols, I gazed at the face of Jesus thinking this is He who cleansed all the stains in my life and secured my eternal life on the cross.

He is waiting for everyone to welcome in Heaven!  For Christians dying is not the end but the beginning, not the darkness but the glory, and not the defeat but the victory.

I am so glad that I could get to know Jesus!


This Jesus portrait was drawn when Akiane was only 9 years old.


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  1. I will definitely get this book!
    Akiane Kramarik is God’s living gift for all of us.
    Thank you, Kathy, for telling us about her and this glorious book.

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