T-DM1 Petition

I found a petition for T-DM1 on the Internet.

I don’t know what the person who started this, but the first signature was made from Florida on 5/7.

As I immediately signed and forwarded this petition to my family and friends, in a few minutes I saw my sons and daughter-in-law’s names on the list.

After a half day, the number of the signature increased from about 130 to more than 400!

I saw some comments saying something like: his friend’s mom’s cancer spread into lungs, asking the prompt approve of T-DM1.

I thought those must be from our sons or daughter-in-law’s friends.

The power of Internet is amazing!

I know people are signing from all over the world.

Yet, while the average signing was about 30 per day until yesterday when I found this petition, after I e-mailed my family and friends last night to this afternoon, over 300 people signed.

I can’t help thinking that my family and friends are using their networks, and their friends whom I’ve never met are signing.

I feel like I am watching a miracle.

Then,  e-mail came from my son.

“I will make this petition go to 1000.

Keep your hopes and head up high mom!!! FIGHT TO THE END! :-)”


Tears ;;;Tears;;; Tears;;;

I am blessed.

3 thoughts on “T-DM1 Petition

  1. Oh Kathy, My heart aches for you and I pray God will give you the strength you need to fight this battle. You are loved by so many, and our prayers will surround you. God is good

  2. how are you doing, havent seen a post lately! I pray for you and george very often, several times a day, I am wearing a bracelet to remind me to. God Bless You, now see it!!!!

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