Disqualified For T-DM1

I went to Bellflower Kaiser today for the evaluation for the T-DM1 clinical trial.  The doctor  was going to send me for an interview, yet, as I said I was disqualified from Cedars Sinai’s clinical trial because I hadn’t tried two  drugs in the protocol, he said the Kaiser’s trial had the same protocol.  Even before starting the interview, it became clear that I was disqualified.

According to the doctor, the T-DM1 clinical trial had finished Phase lll and the current trial is just an addition to give women more chance for T-DM1.  It is almost ready to come out.  He is not sure when, but hopefully it will be sometime soon!

Since I am disqualified, I am going to use Paclitaxel with current Herceptin and Tykerb starting this Wednesday.  It is disappointing that I was disqualified for T-DM1, but I am glad that I can start a new treatment without wasting more precious time. (My chest is hurting now and I am afraid that cancer is progressing.)

Paclitaxel will give me 20% of a chance to shrink cancer.  I will lose hair and my immune system will become weak, again, but hopefully I can handle all those side-effects.  May God give me strength and bring me a miracle!

5 thoughts on “Disqualified For T-DM1

  1. Kathy, I am thnking nothing but good thoughts. May God be with you as you start your new treatment. God loves you and so do I. Aunt Pat

  2. Hi Kathy! I am a former student of George’s. I ran into George and So today when he informed me of your battle with cancer. I started googling breast cancer and found this blog- I am so impressed and encouraged by your strength! I know that many people have been blessed by you. My family and I will be praying for you in this round of treatment. We know that God will be with you every step of the way!!

  3. Dearest Kathy:
    Every night your name starts my prayer list. Your courage and God’s grace is apparent but know that so many of us are standing with you and willing to do what ever we can to help you and George.
    You both are loved,

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