The Gamble of The Clinical Trial

My new oncologist has referred me to Bellflower Kaiser, where the T-DM1 Clinical Trial is being performed.

I have to have an evaluation to get a ticket for the clinical trial and if I pass the evaluation, I have to stop the medicines I am taking two weeks prior to starting the trial. While waiting for the evaluation, I can’t start any new medicine because it will affect the evaluation.

I had a whole body CT and bone CT scan Friday and today to detect more cancer, which the PET couldn’t detect.  (PET can detect only 1cm or bigger tumors.)

It has been already a month since the PET/CT found cancer in my lung, and although cancer could be growing every day, a process of a clinical trial is long and slow.

Even if I am accepted in the trial, there is no guaranty of T-DM1, and even if I can get T-DM1, there is no guaranty of success.

Should I forget T-DM1 and start with conventional chemo right away?

I don’t know which way to go, and then George said,

“ Several doctors recommended you T-DM1 and this is the chance for you to get it.  I understand you are scared, but don’t be ruled by the fear.  Let’s pray.”

So we prayed for God’s wisdom to make a good decision.

Next day, the phone came from the hospital:

My appointment of the evaluation was moved up from 5/4 to 4/30.

I am in the biggest gamble of my life with so many unknown factors.






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