When Mother Teresa Was Threatened By Death

“ We can talk about Mother Teresa.  Would you like to come to my house?”

Jan, who had worked for Mother Teresa as a nurse when Mother was moved from Tijuana to Scripps Clinic in San Diego for urgent treatment,  gave me an invitation.

Mother Teresa, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 because of her work for the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India  is my most respected person.

In 1992, the 81-year-old nun had a heart failure while she was working for the poor in Tijuana and was forced to be admitted to the hospital Jan used to work for.

The following is a story at that time.

Mother Teresa never complained during her one-week hospitalization although she was seriously ill.  She told the staff, “ Do whatever you need to do,” and prayed for their blessings putting her small wrinkled hand on their hands .

Outside of the hospital, people, who learned that Mother Teresa was there, gathered in crowds hoping for the blessing from her to their children.  As she was told about it, she asked to bring the children to her bed one-by-one and blessed them.

She was so small and fragile, but when the Pope’s message arrived to come back to Rome so that she could rest , she refused to obey this message showing strong determination to go back to Tijuana.

Forgetting her own health problem, as she appealed that there was no medicine in Tijuana – though in a short distance there was such a wealthy advanced hospital, a sign up sheet outside of her room for medical volunteers was filled in immediately and wheelchairs, medicines, and even big donations were gathered.

After I heard the story from Jan, I looked for articles about her hospitalization and I found her quote.

“I accept whatever God gives me, and I give to Him whatever He takes from me.”

Her love towards Jesus was so profound that she responded to him with complete selflessness and kept giving even when she was threatened by death.

How faithful and obedient to God she was!  It touched me deeply.

As I left Jan’s house, she gave me a pendant she received from Mother Teresa as well as her grandma’s Saint pendant.

Looking at the pendant from Mother Teresa, I prayed God that I wish to  have the  same faithfulness and obedience to live and die for Him.

The pendant Jan received from Mother Teresa

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