Could Be Eligible for T-DM1 Trial

The trip on Amtrak didn’t disappoint me and I had good time with George in Santa Barbara last weekend.

George @ Santa Barbara Mission

Yet, before the trip, I had a clinic with my new oncologist.

New Doctor

It was too bad that I found out the metastasis right after my primary oncologist went on her maternity leave.  With the sub, I had a difficult time to communicate with and even to refill my medicine.

I lost trust in him quickly, however the hospital gave me a hard time to change the doctor.

After many phone calls and e-mailings, finally I could make an appointment with a new oncologist.

She looks young, almost like my son’s age, but is knowledgeable, answering my questions one after another.

Clinical Trial @ Kaiser

According to her, Kaiser has a T-DM1 clinical trial, which I have been desperately looking for.

She said maybe I would be eligible.

A clinical trial is an exam that tests how effective a new medicine or treatment is.

Therefore, the trial has two arms with a T-DM1 group and a non T-DM1 group to compare the results.

Even if I am qualified for the trial, my chance to get T-DM1 is 50%.

Next Chemo

If I am not qualified for this trial or if I won’t be in T-DM1 group, I have to be on  conventional chemo.  The doctor and I discussed the choice of next chemo including the 2nd opinion from UCLA.

After all, we decided to add Paclitaxel to Herceptin and Tykerb, two antibody drugs I have been on since last April in 2011.

Although Paclitaxel is in the same family with Taxotele, which I tried in the first regimen in 2010,  they are a little different, and there is a 20%  chance to work on women who failed with Taxotele.

I have to wait for a few more days to know about my eligibility for T-DM1 and have to take more scan tests to see if there are more metastasis in my body.

The tension will continue, but  I appreciate so many people who have sent me so much information as well as encouragements.

I don’t deserve for this and this is truly God’s grace.

I am blessed.


2 thoughts on “Could Be Eligible for T-DM1 Trial

  1. Oh kathy I pray that this works out for you. Keep the faith. We are all pulling for you. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Everyone who knows you loves you…and we are the ones that are blessed…Keep fighting the good fight, you are an inspiration…Love to you….

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