Good Grief!

 George’s Voice 

One week after the vocal cord surgery, his voice still sounds a little raspy, but comparing with the last time, it sounds much better.

People who hear his voice, and George himself, says it sounds stronger than before the surgery.

Last time it took more than 2 weeks to be able to hear his voice loud enough to understand, so I am expecting that it will be improved more as time goes by.

We needed good news and this is it!


Usually while a patient is  on chemo, dental treatment is not a good idea because chemoI weakens her immune system and makes her susceptible to any infection.

My current chemo drugs are antibodies, which are not supposed to affect my immune system  like other chemo drugs, but my oncologist was cautious saying wait for the dental treatment until it’s over, that was extended until this August.

I guess my care of teeth was not good enough: My gum has been bleeding and now I have toothaches, as well.

I might wind up losing many teeth!

So with the permission from the doctor, I finally visited the dentist two years after my last checkup.

Just as I was concerned, the dentist told me that my back crown had a hole, under a bridge was a cavity, and the bridge was a due to be renewed.

I thought my finger finally would be healed from the surgery, but now I need teeth treatment; another expensive treatment.

Good Grief!



My due for a scan is also coming next Tuesday.  It has been since last December.

A PET scan detects cancer by injecting radioactive sugar, which is absolved by cancer and shows uptakes in the image, while a CT scan shows a 3-dimensial cross sectional image of  x-rays.

I was taking those image tests alternatively, but this time I requested having those two tests at once because Dr. Glasy at UCLA told me a PET scan only is meaningless.

Fortunately Kaiser has a PETCT scan, which has two functions of PET and CT together, and I am going to try this new technology.


What if a doctor misreads the result?

What if the nodules in my lung have been growing?


Facing the test, I am getting nervous, again.

No!  Don’t open the door of the fear!

Instead I have to focus on Jesus depending on the words of the Bible and prayers.

One thought on “Good Grief!

  1. Focus! yes focus on the good things of life, I too remember having to go through that process, a lot of wasted time of worrying. God is good, and He will give you peace, I pray that you will be calm, and brave as you continue to weather this storm. tell George to take care of you this time, ha ha, you two need each other!

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