Everything Is Done Well

George checked into the hospital at 11am and went into the pre-op room right away.

Yet probably the doctor was busy today.  It was after 2pm when I was called to see him in the post-op room.

The doctor told us just like the last time; “Everything is done well,” and George’s voice sounds the same like the last time, as well; clearer but weak and stuffy like he had a cold.

Last time, he spoke a lot at the night of the surgery and the next day his voice got worse and he could only whisper.

So this time he is careful not to speak too much.

We don’t know the real result yet, but I am still confident, believing God is giving back his voice.

At home, George and I thanked God together for this 2nd chance to fix his vocal cords.

We are also thankful for all of you who have been praying and wishing for good results for us!

One thought on “Everything Is Done Well

  1. Kathy and George,
    So glad the procedure went well, praise God. I’ll continue to pray for healing and 100% voice for George! Both of you have a restful weekend especially after so many hospital visits recently. Enjoy the rain!

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