Excuse from Doing Dishes for 2 More Weeks

As I was escorted to an orthopedic exam room, a nurse came in with scissors to cut off the thick dressing.

I was a little nervous to see the post-operation finger, but the last bloody gauze was stuck on the finger.

The doctor came in after the nurse gave up removing the gauze, and she ran warm water and some clear liquid from a bottle on my finger at the sink.

Finally the gauze fell off and I saw my finger, which was still oozy.

“See, I didn’t cut much.  This looks pretty good,” said the surgeon.

She certainly made me feel better.

I had asked for a biopsy just to be safe, and the result was definitely Pyogenic Granuloma, a benign tumor.

She changed my dressing and told me to come back in two weeks.

So far George is doing dishes for me, and I had told him today would be the last day, but I have to extend the excuse for two more weeks.

Sorry, George!

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