We Have Been Improving

No More Pain

It has been a week since my finger surgery, and finally my pain is gone.

Because my pain was more than I expected, I got worried that maybe my finger was cut deeply and my nail might not come back.

Yet my surgeon replied to my e-mail;

“ Your nail will come back and I think you will be satisfied with the result.”

I was relieved. 🙂

I wonder how long it will take for the nail to grow back.

Though I am pretty sure that I won’t see the new nail by the 13th, when I remove the dressing, I am imagining that my finger is healing quickly under this thick dressing.


 George’s Voice Has Come Back

We thought the result of George’s vocal cord surgery was disappointing, but surprisingly his voice is coming back, too.

He still has good times and bad times, but  the gap between those times has been getting smaller and he has sounded better.

George has almost no voice about for 10 days after the surgery and that made us  dismayed wondering how he could work without  a voice.

Yet, actually he could give a speech outside for a small group of people without an amplifier yesterday.  This was pretty darn good!

George will keep the appointment of the 2nd surgery on the 16th though, I feel like our prayers have been granted!  This is a miracle!   🙂


2 thoughts on “We Have Been Improving

  1. miracles do happen, we just need to see them!
    God is good, and He is not finished with either of you two yet. Keep blessing others with your encouragement, and strong willpower.
    See Him clearly today!
    love, Jim and Rene.

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