Groggy and Loopy

I thought this surgery to remove the granuloma was going to be simple. Yet, the doctor told me that I would receive a general anesthesia and have a surgery in an operation room.

I thought it’s because my granuloma grew bigger while I was waiting for the surgery for two months.

1/27 granuloma

3/2 granuloma


Oops! I Ate An Apple!

For the surgery I had to fast after midnight, but as I was making fresh juice for George in the morning, absent-mindedly I ate a small slice of apple.

This was a BIG mistake.

At the hospital I was told that I would have to postpone the surgery for 6 hours or operate with not a general but a local anesthesia.

I chose to do the local anesthesia with some sedative to relax.

A blue sheet was put on my face and the surgery began.

I was groggy, but felt sharp pain when a blade was moving into my finger.

“It’s hurting,” said I.

Probably the anesthetic was increased.  The pain halted.


Pain and Nausea Continue 

The pain halted until I was moved to the recovery room.  Yet it came back and was getting intense as the anesthetic was wearing off while I was waiting for George to pick me up.

In the past, I had the Morphine IV and could supply it anytime when I had pain after surgeries, but this time I didn’t have that.

Per my request, a nurse injected two kinds of pain medicines, and then immediately I felt my whole body got heavy and groggy again.

I didn’t want to come back for more treatments, so I asked to stay a little longer.

Even after I got home, the pain has continued and if I take a pain medicine, I get Loopy.

I was not told about a special diet, so I ate regular food, but after dinner as I sat at the computer, I got nauseous and threw up.

I had to rest all day yesterday and even today, being taken care of by George.

I didn’t felt this way when I had a mastectomy. It is totally unexpected, but a friend told me that more nerves were in the fingertips and maybe that’s why they were more sensitive.


I canceled today’s volunteering for Habitat for the Humanity, but I hope I can go to a worship service tomorrow.

After the surgery



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  1. Oh my goodness Kathy. I really don’t know how you do it. I didn’t know you were scheduled for your surgery. Connie told me in an email today. I am so sorry you had to go through such pain. I pray this is the last that you have to go through. Sending prayers for you and George. Love, Aunt Pat

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