George Goes for the 2nd Surgery

While I was receiving Herceptin, George visited his ENT doctor.

According to him, the doctor said that the injection didn’t hit the right place of his vocal cords and the gap was still there.

George decided to try the same surgery again on the 16th of this month.

Finding out why his voice wasn’t improved relieved me some, but I am still not eased completely.

God’s Words

This morning I read Deuteronomy in the Old Testament.

In spite of the desperate cry of being slaves in Egypt, the Israelites, who were rescued by God, disgracefully complained in the wilderness, and distrusted God -running to other gods and wishing to go back to Egypt.  They were punished to wander around in the wilderness for 40 years by God and even Moses, the leader, was not allowed to go into Canaan, God’s promised land having failed to trust in God.

God has been with me, suppressing my resilient cancer, which a doctor once described as having “never seen before”, providing expensive treatments, and guiding me through notorious chemotherapy.  I have witnessed His grace on me over and over.  Nevertheless, I was just like the Israelites, being ready to complain about the new trial on George and starting to doubt about God.

I have to trust in Him, who promised us never to abandon.

We have nothing to deserve, but everything is His grace.

I should be thankful for George’s 2nd chance of the surgery and pray for the success.


One thought on “George Goes for the 2nd Surgery

  1. Such wise words! Keep the faith, God is Good… all the time!
    Love to you and Goerge

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