Break In The Midst of Trials

Looking up the blue sky, I wanted to go whale watching.

February and March are high seasons for migrating whales to pass by our local coastline.  I heard that someone had seen blue whales recently;

I have seen dolphins swimming, but not the whales yet.

With George, who extended his day off to rest his vocal cords,I drove to see whales.

The day of George’s surgery was cold and rainy, but today the rain cleaned up the sky and I could see big Catalina Island over the ocean.

When we got to the point for whale watching, there were already several people with binoculars and cameras.

On the chart at the point it said two fin whales were observed today, which made 700 whales total since the beginning of December.

‘I may see whales!’ Being excited, I stared at the ocean left and right.

Walking the trails we stayed about an hour.

Unfortunately we could not see whales today, but it was so refreshing to be out into the beautiful nature.

Feeling like we were on vacation, we decided to go to a Yakitori restaurant at night.

“Let’s give thanks,” said George with a small glass of sake.

We were thankful for good friends and family who have prayed for us and supported us,the beautiful climate, good food, good times, and more.

“Trials may continue, but we will be all right because God is with us!”

We assured each other.

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