Dermatology Visit

The appointment day with a dermatologist whom my oncologist referred to came quickly yesterday.

“This is a common side effect of Tykerb.” The comment from the tall young female doctor, with long blond hair and big eyes like a beautiful doll, surprised me; I had been delighted with the decision of extending this medicine therapy.

Then, she called an Asian male doctor, who was a little older than her.

He observed my finger closely with a magnified glass, and said to the female doctor, “ This looks deep.”

What?  My ears got big and I tried to pay attention to all his words.

It seems like that the granuloma has been growing not only on the surface, but also even under the skin.

“Probably from here to here,” the male doctor kept talking to his colleague pointing on my finger with his pen.

Finally he looked at me and explained: First this is not a cancer. Yet a laser surgery won’t work.  Third, I ‘d better see the hand specialist as the surgery on a finger, which has less muscle, is a little tricky.

“ My appointment with the surgeon is more than one month ahead.  Is it OK to wait so long?” I asked.

He answered that he would e-mail the doctor to move up the appointment.

How much do I have to cut my finger? A new stress was added again, but I am hoping to hear from the orthopedics next week.

2 thoughts on “Dermatology Visit

  1. Kathy, Hopefully this is just another little bump in the road. I pray it will be an easy procedure. Love, Aunt Pat

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