Fear Is Stilled And Hope Was Given

With George, I went to see his ENT doctor to prepare for his surgery.

Usually I sit on an exam table and he sits on a chair, but this time it was opposite.

I could hear about the procedure of George’s surgery on the 15th, directly from the doctor.

“ It is a surgery, but it’s rather a procedure as I will just inject a substance.  I will give you a pain medicine, but you may not need it and you can eat normal food and talk right after the surgery,” said the doctor.

I realized my assumption was wrong.

“What is the probability of the success?” I asked.

“ 98%.  It may not be exactly what you expect, but it should be better than now.”

“ You will be able to talk easily so you won’t get exhausted.”

The explanation ceased my anxiety and I felt much better.

I was so glad to go together with George and ask questions directly.

Herceptin & Tykerb Were Approved

Today was my regular check-up with the oncologist as well.

As I showed my finger, the doctor referred me to a dermatologist, instead of waiting for another month to see a surgeon.

Another of my stresses was released.

I also asked if I could continue the combo of Herceptin and Tykerb, which was recommended by Dr. Glaspy at UCLA Medical Center.

“Yes.  I have planed that way already,” she replied.

Though I was afraid that it would be a problem for Kaiser to have me continue those high cost medicines (more than $10,000 per month) without an evidence to support the effectiveness, I was surprised to be accepted so easily.

Now I can continue this super combo another 6 months, until August.

It was a good day and I am so thankful!

One thought on “Fear Is Stilled And Hope Was Given

  1. Seems like God is looking after us. Let’s take an “in-house vacation” 🙂
    God is good – all the time!

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