George Goes First

My Surgery is Up In The Air

While I have been waiting for a phone call from Kaiser to see a surgeon, my granuloma has repeated bleeding and getting bigger.

It is oozy, red, throbbing even if it touches a soft towel, and bleeds easily.

If I see the blood flowing down on my finger without stopping soon, I feel like passing out.

Getting impatient, I e-mailed my oncologist, who always replies promptly.

She suggested I call directly to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, who I was already referred to.

I called the number, yet a lady who answered the phone told me the earliest appointment I could make was 3/14.

“ I am a breast cancer patient with Lymphedema.”

“ The tumor repeats bleeding and getting bigger.”

“ I am not happy to wait for so long!”

I tried to appeal the urgency, but it didn’t work.  I was told to go to the urgent care if it’s really bad, and otherwise wait for a cancelation to move up the appointment.

Pray For the Success Of George’s Surgery

On the other hand, George’s surgery did move up to 2/15 because there was a cancelation.

According to him, a surgeon will put a camera in his nose and some material will be injected into his paralyzed flap of the vocal cord through his throat.  As the doctor has to adjust the material by hearing his voice, George has to wake up in the middle of this procedure. It sounds scary.

George is very hopeful for the surgery and he is even thinking of teaching the ESL Bible class the next day, though he may not be able to talk for a week or so.

I am nervous more than my mastectomy and have been praying for the success of the surgery day and night; asking people to pray for him as well.

I thought I understood how a patient feels, but now I am learning what the family members go through when their loved one faces trials.

This is a time that my faith is tested again.

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