Surgeries Again

It was January 3rd that I noticed my left ring finger was bleeding.  Because of side effects, my finger tips are easily to have cracks and cuts, but it was the first time to have bleeding.

It didn’t hurt, so I just put a band-aid on and went to bed.

Next day my finger turned purple and throbbing as well as still bleeding.

(Shoot! I have lymphedema on this side.  I shoudn’t just let it go.)

Recalling the important instruction, I went to see a doctor.

That time, I did not receive any diagnosis about it, instead I went home with an antibiotic to prevent infection.

However, even after finishing the antibiotic, my finger has been still purple, swelling, and had throbbing pain.  Although the lesion closes, it is opened easily by a small trauma and bleeds.

I thought it was very slow to heal, and then this morning, as I wanted to change the band-aid, the finger started bleeding again.  As if I had a deep cut, the blood streamed down to the sink of the bathroom.

This is not normal!  I got scared and looked carefully at the lesion.

There is a bump, looking like a red berry,  next to my nail, and it is getting bigger instead of getting healed.

I went to see a doctor again and this time I was diagnosed with pyogenic granuloma,a benign vascular lesion, and was told that I need a surgery.

It is a small lesion, so even though he says “ a surgery”, it should be a simple procedure done in an exam room, I thought.

Yet, I was surprised when I found a blog of someone who did the surgery of her granuloma on her finger in OR with total anesthesia.

Today’s doctor said it could be done by a laser surgery; do I have to do such a real surgery?  I wondered.

Regardless, I am now concerned about my lymphedema.  So I e-mailed my oncologist to delete my concern.

In March George will have a surgery to fix his hoarse voice, which he has been struggling with for more than a year.

This year again, so many things are coming our way as if the Satan is mocking our faith.

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  1. STAY AWAY FROM THEM SATAN!!!Lord, surround Kathy and George with your Power and Love, give them encouragement to stay focused on You, and bless them with patience. Thank You for putting these folks in our lives, Amen!

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