Crossing Out Doubts by Exams

It was just two days after I head the encouragement from Dr. Glaspy when I found a lump on my chest.

Feeling a little painful in the morning, I looked at the mirror and noticed there was a little bump on the scar area of the mastectomy.

“Again?” Being alert, I touched it with my fingers. I felt a small rise with throbbing pain. As I inhaled, I saw ribs raised on my thin chest.

‘Maybe I am touching a rib.” I wondered.

I tried to compare both ribs, left and right, but it was difficult to compare those under my chest and others under my breast.

I had a PET scan on December 4th.  It was hard to believe cancer grew so fast, but I should cross out all doubts by exams.

My oncologist promptly responded to my e-mail, as usual, and invited me for an exam today.

“Since when?” asked she, but it was difficult to answer because pains have been coming and going since the mastectomy and the radiation. Yet, I feel like this time the pain is a little different from the past ones.

I noticed the lump Saturday, but maybe it has been there for a quite a while.

“ I feel the bump, but this might be a bone,” said the doctor examining my chest.

I told her a story I heard at a cancer patient/family luncheon last week: A patient experienced a sharp pain on her operated chest and it was a fracture due to osteoporosis as a side effect of her hormone medicine.

The doctor agreed that hormone medicines could cause such side effects but had not heard of the same effects from Herceptin and Tykerb.

she ordered x-rays and I had two taken.

I may hear the result tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Crossing Out Doubts by Exams

  1. Kathy, I pray this turns out to be just another side effect of all the medication. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are so strong and your faith will calm your spirit. Don’t let anything take your joy- no matter the circumstances God is in charge.
    Love you,

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