Chuck Smith’s Announcement of Lung Cancer

Pastor Chuck, whom George and I respect, is 84 years old.  He lit the fire for the Jesus movement in 1970’s and led tens of thousands of hippies to Christ.

George, who was a teenager with long hair and a love of Rock’n Roll was also one of them.

His church was called Calvary Chapel and it spread all over the world, creating more than 1400 churches in the US (more in the world, including my hometown in Japan) with the logo of a dove descending from the heaven representing the Holy Spirit.

pastor Chuck Smith

Pastor Chuck announced to his congregation that he had lung cancer on the New Year’s Day Sunday.

This is the 2nd crisis – he had a stroke two years ago from which he has recovered.

Last week Greg Laurie, one of Chuck’s apprentices, made a special interview with Chuck asking about his past, present, and future.

Chuck on the screen looked well, being calm with big smiles, just as usual.

He thinks his time is heading towards the end, but says he has no fear.

He explained the reasons as that “the Lord is with me.”  “Even the worst thing (death), that is not so bad.”

Chuck, who was taught to love Jesus by his dedicated Christian mother since he was little, wanted to become a doctor at first.

He wanted to save people from dying.  Yet as he was in high school, his goal changed to save people from eternal death instead of physical death.  So he chose to become a pastor.

For him the most difficult tragedy to overcome was a double loss of his father and brother in an aircraft crash.

Prayers or faith are not magic. No matter how strong our faith is,we are not exempted from trials and sufferings.

“ Never trade what you do know for what you don’t know because the question is always, ‘Why?’ “

“I don’t know why. But what I do know is that God is good and God loves me and God is working on His perfect plan in my life. So, I’m just content with that,” he said.

Since the very beginning of our human history, Satan, who questioned Eve whether she would truly die eating from the tree of knowledge, has been seducing and throwing us countless tragedies, trying to kill our faith as soon as it grows.

“There is no God.  If He were there, why do we suffer so much?”

The deceptive voice whispers all the time, but behind that voice, there is God, who says,

“ I love you.  Come here to leave your burden.  I am with you.”

Whether Chuck lives or dies, his posture to live with faith in Christ must inspire many people, and his way of living will be my great model to follow.

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  1. Chuck Smith is a living reminder that ‘God is good, all the time’ – and so are you, Zuyo-chan. As your dad smiled and cried at his granddaughter’s coming into adult-hood, so God smiles at you as you grow up into adult-hood in Christ.There are many who have increased their confident trust in God because of you – I am one of them.

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