Passing the PET Scan!

An e-mail came from my doctor.  It said that the result of PET scan  was good !


According to the doctor, the left side of chest wall, axilla,  and  left upper lung show mild uptakes, but  they are likely related to radiation:  Uptakes around the left neck lymph nodes and right lower lung are gone: Thyroid also has uptake but it is probably because of the hypothyroid.

When I had an ultrasound during the first regimen of chemo, the report said that tumors shrunk to a normal size and looked benign, yet the lymph node dissection found 13 cancerous nodes that made me stunned.  Because of that bitter experience, the words, “likely” or “could be” makes me skeptical and it is difficult to jump into the total excitement .

Yet,  this is good news at this moment, so George and I thanked God holding hands, and then went out for celebration—Of course, to a sushi restaurant.

Vegan diet was canceled again tonight and I stuffed myself with a lot of sushi.

Until next exam, I am free to enjoy this Christmas and the New Year.

I am so grateful for people who have supported me, and God!

3 thoughts on “Passing the PET Scan!

  1. Pete and I are ecstatic about your latest report. Behold the power of prayer! The next focus of all our prayers is that all subsequent PET scans say the same thing! NO CANCER!!!!! We rejoice along with you and George and all your family and friends.
    Much love, Pete and Martha

  2. Shoutin’, raising hands, Hallelujah – for the good scan and for the cancellation of Vegan diet ( a Christmas cease- fire). Free to enjoy Christmas. God is good – all the time!

  3. What wonderful news, May God Bless you as you prepare to bless Him this Christmas!!!

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