Finally PET Scan

The last PET scan was in April, right after my lymph node biopsy surgery that found cancer.

With the unexpected result, the oncologist ordered the PET scan immediately to find out if cancer had spread to other parts of my body.

Fortunately, the result was negative though there were some indications that needed observations.

Today I went to have the 2nd PET scan; I had to wait 6 months to heal my body from radiation’s scars. This is the important test that tells if the eight month treatment, including the radiation and antibody therapy with Tykerb and Herceptine, were effective or not.

A little late after 1:45pm, my appointment time, I was called into the exam room followed by a blood sugar test.

“ You are starving,” said a nurse looking at my sugar level.

“ Usually with food it is about 150, and without food it is about 100.  Yours is 98.  Perfect!”

I was asked to fast for four hours prior to the test, but because I was also going to have a blood withdrawal, which also required a twelve hour fasting, I hadn’t had food since the night before, though I missed the time for the blood withdrawal because I slept late.

Of course I was HUNGRY!

After checking the blood sugar level, the nurse injected sugar (glucose).  PET scan detects cancer using a characteristic of cancer that eats sugar.

“ You will die without sugar, but cancer eats sugar before your body eats it.”

Listening to the nurse, I wondered how many times I had ice cream, cakes, or chocolates knowing sugar was not good for cancer.  I am easily tempted.  I feel shame. ;-(

After a half hour of waiting the sugar circulating all through my body, I laid down on an exam table.  I was asked to take off earrings and a pendant, but allowed to keep my clothes on.

“ It will take about 20 minutes.  Please don’t move.”

Then, the exam table I was laid on moved into the tunnel like a doughnut’s hole.

Twenty minutes seemed so long, but as my body became warm, maybe because of sugar, I started dozing.   Without a tight feeling like a MRI, the table moved back and forth in the tunnel several times and it was over.

It will take three days to get the result back.

Friends are inviting George and me this Friday and Saturday nights. I hope I can hear the good result so that I can have a good time this weekend.  I can hardly wait for the result.

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