Hot Toddy Thanksgiving

I have been fighting with a cold for a few days, but it got worse the day before the Thanksgiving.

My head was as if it were full of spider webs, and my barometer of energy was low.  Not even feeling like putting on makeup, I went to a store with red nose and bags under my eyes to pick up a fresh turkey yesterday.

Usually I get up 6 am and start cooking the turkey on a Thanksgiving, but yesterday, as I was afraid that I might not be able to get up once I went to bed, I wanted to get a head start as much as possible.

A turkey dinner is an important tradition for George, who has never missed it since he was born.  Even though there are only five of us, I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without turkey and it would be very disappointing for all of us if there were no turkey.

Taking Tylenol and multiple vitamins, wearing a mask, and blowing my nose, I was determined.

Then George, who was concerned about me, made a Hot Toddy, a brown tea with honey, lemon, and brandy, which his Aunt Peggy used to make it for him.

As I drank it, my chest immediately became warm and felt better!

Meanwhile, Pinky, my daughter-in-law emailed me that Soh, my second son, was also sick and in bed.

I recommended to her a Hot Toddy for Soh, and after I asked George to put the turkey in the oven in the morning if I would be too sick to get up, I went to bed.

Thanksgiving morning, because of George’s Hot Toddy, I could get up early.

This is good!  As I thought so, Soh called me with a hideous voice.  I got better, but Soh had not.

Well then, only Roy, the fist son can come: a 10 lb. Turkey for only three of us.  Is this going to be our Thanksgiving?

George started wondering that maybe we should cancel today’s dinner and redo it on Saturday.

But I had already cooked more than half, and I didn’t know if everyone could come on Saturday.

I was going to ask Pinky to come to pick up the turkey dinner for them.

While I was wondering, Soh called again saying he was coming because he felt a little better because of Tylenol.

Thereafter, it was close to be lame, but everyone got together by noon and kept the tradition; sharing thanks with turkey dinner.

My first thanks is , no doubt, that I could have Thanksgiving again in spite of my cancer.

I am thankful for all the family, friends, and the medical staff;

the summer trip with my mother and cousins;

the good health insurance provided by Torrance Unified School District. And more!

George said, “During hard times, it is important to be thankful because that is the key to bring happiness.”

Agreeing completely with him, I enjoyed the delicious turkey I had with my beloved family!


2 thoughts on “Hot Toddy Thanksgiving

  1. Im so glad all wen ok for you, you should of called, we would of came for turkey if nobody else could, LOL wish we could!, maybe someday we can do that, that would be great, say Hi to George for me, and did he give you a hug for me? Agape Love to you, Jim

  2. Aunt Peggy & Hot Toddies rock. And let’s do a Thanksgiving with the Fichera’s! That would seem to be a God thing.

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