A Myth of Alkaline Diet

“ You need to keep your body in alkaline by drinking lemon water or on alkaline diet because cancer grows in acid environments.”

The message has circulated numerous times through e-mail.
Somebody has given me a food list for alkaline diet.
Now, a Japanese company, Enagic has opened locally and advertised a “Kangen water” machine, which converts tap water to alkaline water. Apparently the machine costs $3000.

Since I got cancer, I have heard so many recommendations and advices that I developed a habit to research them before I jump on them.

Truly, in a lab, cancer cells in acid solution grew faster than in alkaline solution. Yet, this is only true in a test tube.
According to numerous respectable sites, it is impossible to make our body alkaline or acid because our body tries hard to keep the PH(a scale to decide alkaline or acid) balanced by kidney or respiratory functions if our body changes its PH.‘’
It is a myth that the alkaline diet is effective for cancer.

Disappointingly one more recommendation has been ruled out, but I am glad to know that before I would have spent lots of money.

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