The medical leave I have been taking for 12 months is coming to an end and I had to make a decision whether I was going back to work or not.

I have been a Japanese-English interpreter and a special education para-educator for public school for about 14 years.  While so many teachers have been laid off in recent years because of budget cuts, I was blessed to keep the job, which provided great health insurance and long term medical leave.

Yet, I have to admit that I was struggling to find meaning in my work and was tempted to quit many times.

Once I quit, however, even if I become cancer-free, it will be very difficult to find a new job because of my age.  Although my check was small, it would affect our family budget.  This was not easy decision.

Since I got cancer, I have thought many times that maybe my days were numbered.  If so, how should I live? ——–As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to serve for God’s kingdom, the community and the church, more effectively; helping people in need, finding a purpose and meaning in my life.

After numerous discussions with George and praying, I decided to retire from the school district.

As I went through old files for my work, however, I got sentimental. As I drive by a school and see students on the school grounds, I miss the good times and good memories.

No.  Don’t  question it.  I   already made a decision.  I should not look back.

George advised me to write down all the reasons why I made the decision for the time I might regret it.

Getting cancer was unfortunate for me, but up till now, I have enjoyed my relationships with family, friends, and sisters and brothers at church more than ever, as well as new friendships with students in ESL Bible study and families in a cancer family support group.  I want to pursue those relationships continually.

I want to take better care of George and support his work.

Trusting in God, I’m going to open the new door.

3 thoughts on “Retiring

  1. One thing I learned from George ( a very long time ago)was to remember what the good book says ” My God shall supply all your needs according to His will” ! Seek Him and See Him clearly and so many doors will be open you. now figure out which one to go through.
    God Bless you my sister,

  2. Kathy, Your faith will guide you through this as will your wonderful husband George. Kathy, just look at how far you have come, and your faith in Jesus Christ has taken you there. With Love, Aunt Pat

  3. Go for it! Seek the Kingdom with all your heart & mind – live with faith’s reckless abandon. God is using you in many ways. Bear fruit honoring of Him. And please take good care of ol’ George 🙂

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