Prayers For Children With Brain Cancer

On Oct. 19th blog, I introduced the 3 year old boy, Cash, who started a vegan diet after his brain cancer came back.   He had a MRI two weeks after his vegan diet, and his mother was reporting last Friday on his site that cancer was shrinking a little and still there is hope to avoid the radiation therapy.   Great news!  May the miracle happen for this boy!

“Please Pray for Baby Marlie”

After George MacDonald’s class at church, Bill requested the class to pray for Marlie, a grandchild of his friend.  She was born with brain cancer.  Although a surgery could remove the cancer tumor successfully, on the 4th day of her birth, she has to be on chemo for about a year.  She is only a month old.

Marlie’s dad was writing in his e-mail:

“ We continue to pray that she will tolerate the chemotherapy well and that these medicines will rid her body of all malignant cells.

We ask our Father to restore her to good health so that she might lead a long healthy life in service to Him.”

Even such young children have to go through nasty chemo.

How distressful for the parents who watch their little ones suffer!

Compared with them, my trial is nothing.

I’ve had a long life the parents wish for their little ones. What a grace it is!

Realizing the heavy value of the precious gift of each day, I feel a strong nudge to serve our Father.

May continual encouragements and support go to the parents of those children and may they  be able to overcome this trial and get well completely!

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