Birthday in Lake Arrowhead

It was my 57th birthday.  It was the 2nd birthday after I got cancer.  If I think I am getting old, it doesn’t sound fun, but if I think I could survive again, I am fully grateful.

Last year I went to Big Bear Lake with my family to celebrate my birthday, and this year, we went to Lake Arrowhead, which was 2 hours away from LA, about 26 miles on the northern side of Big Bear.

The lake view from the cabin

Under the sheer blue sky without even a single cloud, the lake, which was surrounded by thick green woods, was reflecting the beautiful sky like a mirror and presenting serenity.  At the shore were numerous small boats neatly lined up. It must have been busy with people riding on them in summer.

As we walked a trail around the lake, autumn leaves changing their colors into red, yellow, or orange, were so vibrant that they made me think as though I were on God’s canvas.  Giant pine trees – full of huge brown cones like natural Christmas trees with ornaments – were looking me down with majesty.

Picking up cute acorns on fallen leaves and visiting the village Octoberfest that was welcoming tourists by orange pumpkins, I, who lived in L.A. where weather was mild all year round with not much distinct seasons, fully enjoyed the taste of the autumn.

Yet, more than anything, I appreciated the time being with my family.

The cabin we stayed was not the best place; not enough lights at the living room, a dining table was too small for 6 of us, the kitchen was not fully equipped, and so on.  However, we adapted pretty well, made the most without complaints, and had fun playing games until late at night.

I could have such a good time all because of my precious family who loves me sincerely.

They have been so supportive and faithful to me in this unprecedented trial.

“ Families and friends are to share good times and bad times together,” whispered Jesus.

Blowing the candles on my birthday apple pie, I made a wish that I could make another birthday trip with this loving family.

3 thoughts on “Birthday in Lake Arrowhead

  1. once again, your attitude will overcome anything the world has to offer. Keep seeking Him, and His beautiful majesty, including Lake Arrowhead. It is beautiful; just like you! say hi to geo for us,

  2. Happy Birthday Kathy! We are so glad that you had such a wonderful time with your family. Apple pie in a cabin by a lake with the trees turning autumn colors – what a great way to celebrate!
    Much love from Him and us,
    Pete and Martha
    Pete and Martha

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