Is Vegan Diet the Way to Beat Cancer?

Vegans, who cut out all kinds of animal products including dairy products are distinct from vegetarians , who just avoid meat and fish.  The more I research, the more I am persuaded that a vegan diet may be the way to beat cancer.

Cancer of the Author of “Your Life in Your Hands”

The cancer of Jane Plant, the author of “Your Life in Your Hands” who was cured by eliminating all dairy products from her diet was not HER2+, which is my type, but  Estrogen +.

Also, I found a comment from a patient who tried the same non-dairy diet for 6 months, but could not stop her cancer progressing on the forum page of  However, it was unknown if she was only on  a non-dairy diet, or a vegan, as well as what type her cancer was.

Doctors who recommend Vegan Diet

On the other hand, I noticed that there were quite a few specialists who recommended the vegan diet to prevent not only cancer but also diabetes , heart disease, or hypertension.

A report from Boston Tufts University this April compared DNA methylation, which is “an important regulator of gene transcription”, between high consumers of vegetable and fruits and ordinary western style food consumers, and it concluded that the high consumers of vegetable and fruits may protect their DNA from abnormal disruptions that are observed in cancer.

A Boy with Brain Cancer Is On a Vegan Diet

News on October 14th told a story of a three year old boy whose brain cancer came back after numerous aggressive treatments.  He will be on vegan diet to prevent his cancer growing and if the diet can not stop the cancer, he will receive radiation therapy, but his chance to survive will be only 30% and he may become blind, according to the article.   If the vegan diet works, it would save the boy’s life  and a great hope for many.

Former President Clinton On Vegan Diet

Mr. Clinton, who had a heart attack and had a major surgery several years ago, is now on vegan diet recommended by his doctor.  He, who lost a lot of weight , said he was doing well, in his interview.

Vegan Diet Lacks Vitamin B12

Vegan diet is extremely strict because it excludes even honey, bread if it is made of  eggs or milk, or stock from chicken, fish, etc.   Therefore this diet doesn’t provide vitamin B12, which is essential for blood cells, the immune system, and DNA.  You have to have animal products for Vitamin B12 unless you supplement somehow.

Well, maybe I can’t go that far unless my life is really at stake, but I was pretty much convinced that making planted food as the main food, and cutting out animal food is crucial to fight against cancer and I’m going to try it as much as possible.

kale, banana, apple, and soy milk juice. Taste pretty good!

3 thoughts on “Is Vegan Diet the Way to Beat Cancer?

  1. Hi Kathy!
    I’m so delighted to hear that you are well enough to even THINK about food!! This is a good thing! Some friends and I have been taking a “Food-Based” Cooking Class for 3 weeks. Tonight is our last night! Their mantra is “don’t eat anything with a face or a mother”. So no eggs, fish or meat. This seems very harsh and although I’m trying my best, it’s hard to give them all up!! Dairy seems to be the hardest as I love cheese – my heart goes out to George:-). I will send you a copy of their wonderful cookbook as it has many lovely recipes. Poor Chuck is a “meat and potatoes” guy but he is really being a good sport and now eats bulgur and kale salad – especially if I add cranberries and nuts. Even if we don’t completely go plant based, I think it’s a step in the right direction and I do feel “lighter”. Let me know how you like the cookbook! Love and hugs to you both!!

  2. Oops – almost forgot – I love my green smoothies too!!My favorite is fresh kale, fresh spinach, frozen blueberries, and soy milk or coconut water. Cheers!

  3. Kale, yikes! and now you have a compadre in Karen? I’m doomed. Need to invite Chuck over for a steak – with grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, baked potato – and everything else forbidden. Just jokes – except the steak – and may God help us all to be healthy that we may serve him well.

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