If I Remove Dairy Products

As someone who sent a comment about the last blog recommended a book to me, Your Life In Your Hands by Jane Plant, I Googled about the book.

The author is a scientist in England and also a breast cancer survivor.  Even after a mastectomy, radiation, and chemo, her cancer had come back 5 times and in 1997, she was told that she had only three months to live.  Yet as she, who was already vegetarian, removed all dairy products from her food, her cancer was gone in 6 weeks and she has been cancer free since then.

Every cancer is different and every patient is different.  I don’t know if the author had HER2+ or not.   So I am not sure if her way applies to me or not, but it is true that I have consumed much more meat and desserts, as well as cheese, since I moved to the U.S than before.

Did dairy products trigger cancer?  I Googled, but there is no definite answer.

If I have to remove it from the dining table, the first question is where then can I receive calcium.

Even the other day, my family doctor told me that I should drink lots of milk to prevent osteoporosis.

I Googled  again –“calcium rich foods”

Besides dairy products and seafood, green vegetables, nuts, beans, and even some fruits contain calcium.  Yet their amounts are so small compared with dairy products or fish that you have to consume huge amount — except soy products and figs.

100g of tofu has much more calcium than a cup of whole milk, and so do 4 figs, according to a chart on the International Osteoporosis Foundation web site.

Figs are described in the Bible many times as well as olives, grapes or wine, which are all good for health.  So they may have more benefits, I wonder.

George loves ice cream and cheese, but he is allergic to them.  If Soy and figs contain so much calcium, it may be possible to replace dairy products with them.  Even if this won’t help my cancer, it may help George.

Now I am interested in a non-dairy product diet.

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  1. Yes, thank you, it may help George – then, again, maybe not. Figs and Tofu – Oh, my! My question is, if dairy is the problem, what percentage of cows that get cancer?

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