Recent Problem: Cancer Diet

Recently I have had a hard time cooking.  I have been overwhelmed with so much information of what is good or bad for cancer, and got lost with cooking.

The other day I learned about Gerson therapy: No salt, no fat, no animal protein and a huge amount of vegetables and fruits including 2000-3000 ml of vegetable juice.

This therapy has been practiced even in Japan, especially after a Japanese doctor, who had cured his terminal colon cancer with this therapy, introduced it to others.

At a seminar held by a hospital, some doctors emphasized to take vitamins, which are good for cancer, from fresh vegetables and fruits instead of supplements, and I can find lots of descriptions recommending to have raw vegetables and fruits for cancer -besides Gerson therapy.

Because some vitamins are sensitive to heat, it is said that eating raw vegetables or fruit,such as juice, or making soup is the best way to intake the vitamins.

Even if Gerson therapy is scam, becoming vegetarian might be right way to cure or prevent cancer, I wonder.

Gerson therapy avoids salt because Dr. Gerson believed that salt caused cancer. Yet, instead of salt, I have head that sugar was bad for cancer.

A study at UCLA Medical Center last year found that pancreatic cancer cells grew eating fructose.

Fructose is a fruit sugar found in natural food such as fruits and vegetables but a high amount is contained in sugar, corn syrup,  sweet drinks, and so on .

Further more, as I was going to buy a can of tuna today, right in front of the stock of tuna cans, on a shelf, was a sign that read “Warning!”: It said that most of the seafood is contaminated by mercury, which may cause cancer.

I just had Sushi yesterday.  I can’t have fish either??

Even though I love vegetables and fruits, if I have to avoid sugar, salt, meat, and fish, what can I cook?  George is not used to Japanese style vegan food and his smile is being whisked away at the dinner table.

I continued to research, and then I found again that  American Institute for Cancer Research is also recommending to limit red meat, fried food, process foods such as sausages and ham, salt, sugary drinks, etc, and to eat more vegetables and fruits.

I guess I have to keep looking for how to cook “tasty” low sugar and low salt vegetable dishes.

One thought on “Recent Problem: Cancer Diet

  1. sounds like ” cream of wheat” breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
    Smile. God has a sense of Humor!
    Also sounds like you need a vacation to PA to play in the snow! we love you, keep on keeping on, and seeking HIM.

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