Faux Almond Treatment

” 30-50 raw almonds per day can cure cancer.” –A book recently published in Japan recommended raw almonds as a cancer alternative treatment.  Dr. Okazaki, the author, explains that Benzaldehyde in the almonds cure cancer.

Is that true?

I began researching.

There are two kinds of almonds:Sweet edible almonds and bitter almonds for skin oil.  Benzaldehyde, which Dr. Okazaki claimed as a cancer fighter, is contained in bitter almonds. When the bitter almonds are chewed, Amygdalin breaks down into Benzaldehyde.  However, a deadly toxic chemical compound, Hydrogen Cyanide is also produced simultaneously.  Hydrogen Cyanide is so well-known as a poison that it is used even in murder mysteries. 20 bitter raw almonds can cause breathing difficulty and even death for an adult!

Because of this reason bitter raw almonds are prohibited  for sale in the U.S.

Benzaldehyde, or Amygdalin can be found in apple seeds, peach or appricot kernels, as well and although Mexico uses Amygdalin as a cancer cure medicine, it is also not approved here in the U.S. for the same reason and is not even proved to have cancer cure effect.

The sweet almond we find at a store is of course safe, and it is a highly recommended good food:  As it reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and is a good source  of protein, it can prevent  heart disease and  diabetes, and if you substitute it for meat or eggs, it  can help weight loss, also.  Yet it doesn’t contain Benzaldehyde.

Dr. Okazaki was advertising a “snake oil”, weaving a half truth.  There are so many alternative treatments for cancer, but some can kill us before we cure cancer.  We have to be careful!

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