October, 2011

Faux Almond Treatment

” 30-50 raw almonds per day can cure cancer.” –A book recently published in Japan recommended raw almonds as a cancer alternative treatment.  Dr. Okazaki, the author, explains that Benzaldehyde in the almonds cure cancer.

Is that true?

I began researching.

There are two kinds of almonds:Sweet edible almonds and bitter almonds for skin oil.  Benzaldehyde, which Dr. Okazaki claimed as a cancer fighter, is contained in bitter almonds. When the bitter almonds are chewed, Amygdalin breaks down into Benzaldehyde.  However, a deadly toxic chemical compound, Hydrogen Cyanide is also produced simultaneously.  Hydrogen Cyanide is so well-known as a poison that it is used even in murder mysteries. 20 bitter raw almonds can cause breathing difficulty and even death for an adult!

Because of this reason bitter raw almonds are prohibited  for sale in the U.S.

Benzaldehyde, or Amygdalin can be found in apple seeds, peach or appricot kernels, as well and although Mexico uses Amygdalin as a cancer cure medicine, it is also not approved here in the U.S. for the same reason and is not even proved to have cancer cure effect.

The sweet almond we find at a store is of course safe, and it is a highly recommended good food:  As it reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and is a good source  of protein, it can prevent  heart disease and  diabetes, and if you substitute it for meat or eggs, it  can help weight loss, also.  Yet it doesn’t contain Benzaldehyde.

Dr. Okazaki was advertising a “snake oil”, weaving a half truth.  There are so many alternative treatments for cancer, but some can kill us before we cure cancer.  We have to be careful!

Recent Problem: Cancer Diet

Recently I have had a hard time cooking.  I have been overwhelmed with so much information of what is good or bad for cancer, and got lost with cooking.

The other day I learned about Gerson therapy: No salt, no fat, no animal protein and a huge amount of vegetables and fruits including 2000-3000 ml of vegetable juice.

This therapy has been practiced even in Japan, especially after a Japanese doctor, who had cured his terminal colon cancer with this therapy, introduced it to others.

At a seminar held by a hospital, some doctors emphasized to take vitamins, which are good for cancer, from fresh vegetables and fruits instead of supplements, and I can find lots of descriptions recommending to have raw vegetables and fruits for cancer -besides Gerson therapy.

Because some vitamins are sensitive to heat, it is said that eating raw vegetables or fruit,such as juice, or making soup is the best way to intake the vitamins.

Even if Gerson therapy is scam, becoming vegetarian might be right way to cure or prevent cancer, I wonder.

Gerson therapy avoids salt because Dr. Gerson believed that salt caused cancer. Yet, instead of salt, I have head that sugar was bad for cancer.

A study at UCLA Medical Center last year found that pancreatic cancer cells grew eating fructose.

Fructose is a fruit sugar found in natural food such as fruits and vegetables but a high amount is contained in sugar, corn syrup,  sweet drinks, and so on .

Further more, as I was going to buy a can of tuna today, right in front of the stock of tuna cans, on a shelf, was a sign that read “Warning!”: It said that most of the seafood is contaminated by mercury, which may cause cancer.

I just had Sushi yesterday.  I can’t have fish either??

Even though I love vegetables and fruits, if I have to avoid sugar, salt, meat, and fish, what can I cook?  George is not used to Japanese style vegan food and his smile is being whisked away at the dinner table.

I continued to research, and then I found again that  American Institute for Cancer Research is also recommending to limit red meat, fried food, process foods such as sausages and ham, salt, sugary drinks, etc, and to eat more vegetables and fruits.

I guess I have to keep looking for how to cook “tasty” low sugar and low salt vegetable dishes.

If I Remove Dairy Products

As someone who sent a comment about the last blog recommended a book to me, Your Life In Your Hands by Jane Plant, I Googled about the book.

The author is a scientist in England and also a breast cancer survivor.  Even after a mastectomy, radiation, and chemo, her cancer had come back 5 times and in 1997, she was told that she had only three months to live.  Yet as she, who was already vegetarian, removed all dairy products from her food, her cancer was gone in 6 weeks and she has been cancer free since then.

Every cancer is different and every patient is different.  I don’t know if the author had HER2+ or not.   So I am not sure if her way applies to me or not, but it is true that I have consumed much more meat and desserts, as well as cheese, since I moved to the U.S than before.

Did dairy products trigger cancer?  I Googled, but there is no definite answer.

If I have to remove it from the dining table, the first question is where then can I receive calcium.

Even the other day, my family doctor told me that I should drink lots of milk to prevent osteoporosis.

I Googled  again –“calcium rich foods”

Besides dairy products and seafood, green vegetables, nuts, beans, and even some fruits contain calcium.  Yet their amounts are so small compared with dairy products or fish that you have to consume huge amount — except soy products and figs.

100g of tofu has much more calcium than a cup of whole milk, and so do 4 figs, according to a chart on the International Osteoporosis Foundation web site.

Figs are described in the Bible many times as well as olives, grapes or wine, which are all good for health.  So they may have more benefits, I wonder.

George loves ice cream and cheese, but he is allergic to them.  If Soy and figs contain so much calcium, it may be possible to replace dairy products with them.  Even if this won’t help my cancer, it may help George.

Now I am interested in a non-dairy product diet.

Is Vegan Diet the Way to Beat Cancer?

Vegans, who cut out all kinds of animal products including dairy products are distinct from vegetarians , who just avoid meat and fish.  The more I research, the more I am persuaded that a vegan diet may be the way to beat cancer.

Cancer of the Author of “Your Life in Your Hands”

The cancer of Jane Plant, the author of “Your Life in Your Hands” who was cured by eliminating all dairy products from her diet was not HER2+, which is my type, but  Estrogen +.

Also, I found a comment from a patient who tried the same non-dairy diet for 6 months, but could not stop her cancer progressing on the forum page of HER2Support.org.  However, it was unknown if she was only on  a non-dairy diet, or a vegan, as well as what type her cancer was.

Doctors who recommend Vegan Diet

On the other hand, I noticed that there were quite a few specialists who recommended the vegan diet to prevent not only cancer but also diabetes , heart disease, or hypertension.

A report from Boston Tufts University this April compared DNA methylation, which is “an important regulator of gene transcription”, between high consumers of vegetable and fruits and ordinary western style food consumers, and it concluded that the high consumers of vegetable and fruits may protect their DNA from abnormal disruptions that are observed in cancer.

A Boy with Brain Cancer Is On a Vegan Diet

News on October 14th told a story of a three year old boy whose brain cancer came back after numerous aggressive treatments.  He will be on vegan diet to prevent his cancer growing and if the diet can not stop the cancer, he will receive radiation therapy, but his chance to survive will be only 30% and he may become blind, according to the article.   If the vegan diet works, it would save the boy’s life  and a great hope for many.

Former President Clinton On Vegan Diet

Mr. Clinton, who had a heart attack and had a major surgery several years ago, is now on vegan diet recommended by his doctor.  He, who lost a lot of weight , said he was doing well, in his interview.

Vegan Diet Lacks Vitamin B12

Vegan diet is extremely strict because it excludes even honey, bread if it is made of  eggs or milk, or stock from chicken, fish, etc.   Therefore this diet doesn’t provide vitamin B12, which is essential for blood cells, the immune system, and DNA.  You have to have animal products for Vitamin B12 unless you supplement somehow.

Well, maybe I can’t go that far unless my life is really at stake, but I was pretty much convinced that making planted food as the main food, and cutting out animal food is crucial to fight against cancer and I’m going to try it as much as possible.

kale, banana, apple, and soy milk juice. Taste pretty good!

Birthday in Lake Arrowhead

It was my 57th birthday.  It was the 2nd birthday after I got cancer.  If I think I am getting old, it doesn’t sound fun, but if I think I could survive again, I am fully grateful.

Last year I went to Big Bear Lake with my family to celebrate my birthday, and this year, we went to Lake Arrowhead, which was 2 hours away from LA, about 26 miles on the northern side of Big Bear.

The lake view from the cabin

Under the sheer blue sky without even a single cloud, the lake, which was surrounded by thick green woods, was reflecting the beautiful sky like a mirror and presenting serenity.  At the shore were numerous small boats neatly lined up. It must have been busy with people riding on them in summer.

As we walked a trail around the lake, autumn leaves changing their colors into red, yellow, or orange, were so vibrant that they made me think as though I were on God’s canvas.  Giant pine trees – full of huge brown cones like natural Christmas trees with ornaments – were looking me down with majesty.

Picking up cute acorns on fallen leaves and visiting the village Octoberfest that was welcoming tourists by orange pumpkins, I, who lived in L.A. where weather was mild all year round with not much distinct seasons, fully enjoyed the taste of the autumn.

Yet, more than anything, I appreciated the time being with my family.

The cabin we stayed was not the best place; not enough lights at the living room, a dining table was too small for 6 of us, the kitchen was not fully equipped, and so on.  However, we adapted pretty well, made the most without complaints, and had fun playing games until late at night.

I could have such a good time all because of my precious family who loves me sincerely.

They have been so supportive and faithful to me in this unprecedented trial.

“ Families and friends are to share good times and bad times together,” whispered Jesus.

Blowing the candles on my birthday apple pie, I made a wish that I could make another birthday trip with this loving family.

Prayers For Children With Brain Cancer

On Oct. 19th blog, I introduced the 3 year old boy, Cash, who started a vegan diet after his brain cancer came back.   He had a MRI two weeks after his vegan diet, and his mother was reporting last Friday on his site that cancer was shrinking a little and still there is hope to avoid the radiation therapy.   Great news!  May the miracle happen for this boy!

“Please Pray for Baby Marlie”

After George MacDonald’s class at church, Bill requested the class to pray for Marlie, a grandchild of his friend.  She was born with brain cancer.  Although a surgery could remove the cancer tumor successfully, on the 4th day of her birth, she has to be on chemo for about a year.  She is only a month old.

Marlie’s dad was writing in his e-mail:

“ We continue to pray that she will tolerate the chemotherapy well and that these medicines will rid her body of all malignant cells.

We ask our Father to restore her to good health so that she might lead a long healthy life in service to Him.”

Even such young children have to go through nasty chemo.

How distressful for the parents who watch their little ones suffer!

Compared with them, my trial is nothing.

I’ve had a long life the parents wish for their little ones. What a grace it is!

Realizing the heavy value of the precious gift of each day, I feel a strong nudge to serve our Father.

May continual encouragements and support go to the parents of those children and may they  be able to overcome this trial and get well completely!