Nodules in Lungs

The phone rang to deliver the result of the MRI from the oncologist.

There was no abnormality under my armpit and around the clavicle.  Yet, the MRI found some nodules in both lungs.

The doctor recommended for me to have a CT scan next.

I had CT scans last May and November and a nodule was caught in my right lung then.  Doctors will compare with the images of those past CT’s and the new one I will take soon and if there is no change, the possibility of cancer will be ruled out.  Otherwise, I will have to have a biopsy.

A friend, who is also waiting for the result of her MRI, and I were supposed to celebrate together if we both get the good results, but I have to postpone it until the CT comes back clear.

Meanwhile, I have to fasten the “Jesus” seat belt and hold it tight on the rollercoaster that has started moving fast again.

2 thoughts on “Nodules in Lungs

  1. buckel up and hold on to Jesus. God is Good and faithful,, ALL THE TIME!!!
    we love you and pray ofetn. Keep your faith in Him and see Him CLEARLY this week. Say hi 🙂 to George for me and Maureen.

  2. Hi Kathy, Do you know when you will have the CT scan? Please let me know as soon as you have the results. Aways in my thoughts and prayers. Love you

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