I went to have an MRI.

Though the ultrasound came back clear, the oncologist has ordered an MRI to make sure the cause of swelling, pain, and a new lump was nothing serious.

Laying down on a patient table and going through a hole like a tunnel is just the same process of CT or PET scan, however, while CT and PET’s procedures are only for 5-10 minutes, for MRI, I had to stay in the tunnel from the head to toes being fastened by belts and some heavy stuff on my chest for about 45 minutes.

When my head went into the tunnel, the wall of the inside was right in front of my nose, and I felt it was so tight and narrow.

Although I was given a buzzer for emergency and ear-plugs for loud alarming noises, as I heard a technician’s voice among the noise saying, “ Be still.  Don’t move,” I got more nervous: I felt like even breathing was not allowed and I were going to be suffocated.

I should be relaxed thinking of something else—- So I called Jesus first and then thought about floating in a tropical ocean, a warm sun, ice cream sundays,  dolphins , etc——- Gradually I got sleepy and  the exam was over.

I am glad that I was not claustrophobic.

If I had a stuffy nose, I don’t think having a MRI, which requires to lay down so still for a long time, is a good idea – and the bigger you are, the more frightening this procedure might be.

Anyway, I am eager to hear the result, which will come in a week.

2 thoughts on “MRI

  1. Dear Kathy,
    I just had mine also and do not yet have the results. I am at the point where I can relax during the test. Before I go in, I cough, sniffle and do anything else (scratch an itch?) to stave off any surprises. Fortunately, we do not have these tests very often!
    Maybe we will both have results by Friday and can celebrate then!

  2. Hi Kathy, I can’t imagine what that must have been like. I had a CAT scan for my knee and that was bad enough. All I kept thinking was, please don’t let me sneeze. The noise was so loud that I could not make out what the person was telling me. Hopefully the test will turn out fine. Pray, Pray, Pray. Love to all, Aunt Pat

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