Mammogram Was Clear

My visit to the oncologist is every three weeks.

The doctor always takes enough time and, today again, she took almost one hour to answer my questions.

First, the mammogram on my right breast I had last week came back clear!

Second, the high level of my Thyroid antibody (>2000 vs <5.6 as standard!), which was the reason of a diagnosis of  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is not a sign of cancer. Also, it is not because I am taking two antibody medicines, so I can continue them.

Third, I will have an MRI instead of a PET scan to find out what is going on under my left chest where I have pain, swelling, and a lump.

The PET scan will be scheduled in October because it may misdiagnose the tissue-scars from the radiation and it takes about 3-4 months for the scars to heal from the radiation.

Fourth, I will increase Tykerb from 4 to 5 tablets starting tonight.  I was content with 4 tablets after all hassles with the rash, and thinking of increasing the dose if cancer comes back.  Yet the doctor told me that it wouldn’t be so simple if cancer came back; I have to throw away even this excellent combo of two antibody medicines and find a new medicine.

A Partner to Share

At night I called a friend who was also battling with HER2+ breast cancer.  She had had a mastectomy last year, 7 years after her lumpectomy, followed by a reconstruction and a hormone therapy. Now she will have an MRI, also, for a check up.  We promised to pray and regularly encourage each other.

After I hung up the phone, George came up to me and said, “ She doesn’t have anyone to talk to while she waits for tests and even after she hears results because she lives alone.” He encouraged me to be thankful and to pray for her.  He is right.  I am thankful I have George I can share anything with any time, but how difficult if you don’t have such a partner.  I am blessed.

Dear Father, please hold people, who are fighting with their sickness or aging all alone, by your big arms and give them hope, peace, and encouragement, letting them know you are always with them!

3 thoughts on “Mammogram Was Clear

  1. One small victory at time. Being faithful each step of the way. Let’s pray for and reach out to those who are going through all this alone.

  2. Kathy,
    Prayers are going out that 5 Tykerb are well received and doing their job, and that you have a continued sense of well-being. Yes, go away cancer!
    Much love,
    Martha (and Pete too)

  3. Hi Kathy, I am so encouraged everytime I read one of your postings. I know our prayers are being heard and everything is going to be fine. You are so fortunate to have George. He is such a wonderful caring person. My thoughts and prayers continue to come your way. Love, Aunt Pat

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