Herceptin Will be Indefinite

My appointment with the oncologist was moved up three days and I saw her today.

The cause of bleeding is unknown, but it doesn’t look serious, so we decided to keep an eye on it, and let it go.

Regarding the swollenness around the clavicle, the doctor ordered an exam of ultrasound.

Then she told me  good news:  I can be on Herceptin indefinitely!

Probably Dr. Glaspy’s opinion has affected the decision.

Usually unless cancer is metastatic, Herceptin is prescribed only for a year.  According to my oncologist, there is no evidence for the merit of use more than a year.  Also, Herceptin may have a side-effect on a heart and cancer may get immune to it.

In spite of those facts, Dr. Glaspy recommended for me to continue Herceptin as long as possible to prevent the recurrence of the cancer.

If I have to give up Tykerb, the doctor was talking to me about the possibility of finishing even Herceptin in several months and observing what would happen, because I can’t reach T-DM1, which is a clinical drug, and Avastin is too risky.

I understood where the idea came from but that would be uneasy because I don’t think I am cancer-free yet.

Now, however, it seems possible to continue Tykerb, and even after Tykerb is done, I can still continue Herceptin.  This is like a dream!

After the clinic, George told me it would’ve been impossible if my insurance were not Kaiser.  I totally agree with him. Herceptin costs $5000 a month. Who would pay that high cost for a long term without supportive evidence?     Only Kaiser does.

The Lord is making a path where no path was there! –I am so grateful.

2 thoughts on “Herceptin Will be Indefinite

  1. Kathy,
    I agree with you and George about Kaiser. When I encountered my benign brain tumor, I had very good advice and a quality of information coordination that I had never experienced before. Plus, no messy repetitive billing to sift through. (That could make someone sick just by itself!) I am so glad you are in good hands and making your way through this difficult journey back to good health! You are always in my prayers. God is good.
    Love, Martha (and Pete too!)

  2. Hello wonderful cousin! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! We are rejoicing with you and love you very much!

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