A Week Flown Like An Arrow

The house was decorated with flowers all over.  Fresh sheets and pillows were put on beds, and a big rental car was ready.  For my mother, who said that walking was getting difficult, I even got a walker and found a way to get a wheelchair if it would be necessary.

Everything was ready to welcome my mother and three cousins, and George and I headed to LAX.

We waited for them at the arrival gate more than an hour, but they didn’t show up yet.

Something might have happened to mom–We became anxious.  Then here came mom, walking steady steps without even a cane, but with a big smile.

This was the beginning of our awesome week and until yesterday when my family left for Japan, we did so many things together: San Pedro Harbor cruising with members at our church, P.V. peninsula driving with ESL Bible class, 2-night travel to Santa Barbara & Solvang with our children, and  L.A. tour.

At a kitchen in Solvang  ⤊  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;           Boys barbecued at night↓

We laughed a lot, ate a lot, walked a lot, shopped a lot, and cooked all together.

“ I want to try it on, too. May I?”

“ It  was 70% off.  It means only X yen! I feel so good!”

Sharing clothes we bought with each other, we were excited again, holding a “fashion show” at night.

Another night, without a word to interrupt, my family listened to George’s story of the rocky parenting and how his faith helped him as he helped our sons.

After our children arrived at Solvang, we had a surprise double-birthday party for Pinky, the daughter-in-law who was born on 7/16 and my mother whose birthday was on 8/6.

Pinky & Mom blowing off a candle on the cake

The weather was perfect; my mother and I were fine all the way till the end.  It was a super-duper good week!

“ Because George is with Kazuyo (Kathy), she can stay strong.  Thank you very much.” While my mother thanked George, he also thanked everyone saying,

“ It has been more than a year since the diagnoses of breast cancer and it has been tough with two surgeries, three regimens of chemo, radiation, and many side effects.  But Kazuyo can keep smiling because she has a strong faith in God.  He has been so faithful to us through many people, and this week He sent you here.  Thank you so much for coming for Kazuyo.”

Holding tears,that was the heartfelt moment for me and probably for others who sat around the table, as well.

After sending them off with a wish to see them again in L.A. next year, today I went back to the clinic for Herceptin and a heart echo.

It has been ten days since I increased Tykerb to 3 tablets and fortunately I have no rash yet.

If laughter is good for the immune system, mine should’ve been boosted up because I had laughed so hard with my family every day.  May I be able to stay on tykerb continually and see my beloved family in Japan soon again!

Santa Barbara

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  1. Kathy, You & your family were so blessed to have your family together. I can imagine how many memories you made, especially in Solvang & Santa Barbara! I’m so happy for you! I miss you!!

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