Mother is Coming

My mother (84) is coming soon on 7/6.  While I’m not able to go to Japan yet, my sisters and cousins convinced my mother, who has said she was too old to travel already, to come here with my three dear cousins.

Indeed she is stooped about 90 degrees and can’t walk much, but my sister will stay over at her house and send her off to a train station, from where my cousins will assist her.

This will be the last trip to L.A. for my mother and probably welcoming three cousins altogether here will be also the first and the last experience for me.  Though it is only a week, I want to have a really good time with them, so I’ve been working on it since the trip was decided.

Considering my aged mother and me, the humble cousins’ only wish was just to see me: They didn’t ask anything else, although this will be the first time to come to the U.S. for them. To make the most of their short stay, I thought staying at some nice vacation rental all togheter, inviting our children as well, would be the best.

I looked for somewhere beautiful, not too warm, within three hours from Torrance, and available for a weekend.  Finally Santa Barbara & Solvang got my attention, yet as I expected, it was not easy at all to find an available place in this high season. When I almost gave up after several  days hunting and contacting more than 10 houses, one e-mail came back with a vacancy.

The house has neither AC nor a pool, but the owner sounded kind and caring.

As I explained, “ In stead of me, who can’t go to Japan because of cancer treatments, my 84 year old mother is coming to the U.S., and I was looking for a good place to make a good memory,” she replied to me with the encouragement that she also had a 85 year-old mother, who was a breast cancer survivor for 10 years and this renting would be very special for her as well.

My mother can come; we can stay in Solvang.  The doors that seemed difficult have opened! Thinking that God is granting my wish, I’m going  to put a lid on my concerns and put it away in a compartment until my mother goes back home.  May our precious time be preserved from all troubles!!

The house we'r going to stay in Solvang

2 thoughts on “Mother is Coming

  1. May you have the most blessed vacation filled with family, fun and laughter. Your trip sounds just wonderful with many opportunities for joy and togetherness. Know that Pete and I have you all in our prayers. Love, Martha

  2. I have just finished reading & catching up on your blog. You & your family have remained in my prayers even though we haven’t seen each other. I know you will make many wonderful memories with your family on your trip & am so thankful that you have this opportunity. YOU ARE MY HERO, KATHY!!

    Love,hugs & blessings, Jennifer

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