Caring Doctors

The allergist called me so promptly informing me that there was no skin test available for Tykerb.

The oncologist was also sending me a cue through email to resume tykerb.

Though whether  I am allergic to Tykerb or not is still unknown, at least I don’t have to worry about anaphylactic shock now.  I will take 2 tablets for 2 weeks again, hoping my body gets used to it and I will be able to take a higher dose.   However if this strategy doesn’t work, I have to give up Tykerb.

Looking through online, I noticed there were many clinical trials with T-DM1 and not everything was limiting participants as  metastatic patients.  If I look patiently, I might find a trial that allows me to participate somewhere.  In fact, Dr. Glaspy told me to check UCLA trials every two months.

My oncologist at Kaiser told me that she has made a connection with Dr. Glaspy.  According to George, it is rare that doctors at different hospitals collaborate, and he told me how blessed I was.

Maybe it’s because my cancer is so unique, but I feel sincere care from each doctor I meet. Especially with my primary doctor, the oncologist, she is so closely watching me that it was as though I were running with her in a three-legged race. This is so encouraging and I am deeply thankful.

As God is taking care of me sending me such good doctors,  I have to do my best for my part in this battle.

4 thoughts on “Caring Doctors

  1. Hello dear Cousin! Just want you to know that Sharon & I are praying for you and we love you so much! Thank you for your testimony of God’s love & power; you are an encouragement to us. Stay strong in the Lord!

  2. 3-legged race – at least. What gifts: Dr Lou, Dr. Glaspy, & Dr. Ryan (and they really talk to each other!) I think there’s another major leg in that race that makes the biggest difference: God. ( I’ve got a few toes in there myself.) When I come to think of it, there are so many legs in this race with you that it looks like the Boston Marathon. “Press on for the prize which is before you – the high calling of God in Christ”. Joji

  3. My dear Kathy, You are so positive, Im not sure I would be like you, or as Paul says, “run the race” 1 cor 9:22….
    You are encouraging to me and others.
    Keep your eye on the prize,,, Crowns that will give Glory to Jesus!

  4. Kathy, Keep fighting the good fight…You and George are an inspiration and have made such a difference to so many people…Bill and I are honored to have met you, and continue to keep you in our prayers…

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