Clinical Drug T-DM1 : I’m Not Qualified

On the way to meet an Allergist, I got a phone call from my oncologist.

If I can’t use Tykerb, the first choice for the alternative was a clinical drug ,T-DM1, though, she explained to me that I was not qualified for this trial or for a Compassionate Plea  because I was not a metastatic patient .

T-DM1, called Super Herceptin,  is apparently  safer and more effective than existing Herceptin.  Yet unfortunately I can’t reach it yet.

On the other hand, the  Allergist told me that it would be possible to desensitize allergy of Tykerb, even if I was allergic to it.  According to her, Anaphylactic shock usually happens in a few hours after the intake of a drug, so Tykerb, which hasn’t caused such a reaction yet, doesn’t seem like it will kill me.

While T-DM1 has been crossed out, this is very good news!

Asking her to check if there was a skin test for Tykerb, I left the office.

It has been almost three months since a biopsy found new cancer in my armpit.  Though the 3rd regimen has been staggered because of the side effect, rashes, I hope I can find the way to break this wall soon and continue the battle.

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