Father’s Day Again

Today was the 2nd Father’s Day since I got cancer.

Friday, George and I visited his father who is in an assistive living home about 90 minutes away from Torrance.  Today we, including children, expressed our appreciation to George having lunch together.

Though I miss my father in Japan, who passed last November, George opened the luncheon honoring my father, who had worked hard assuring that everyone would be well-taken care of financially.

Until I got to know George, holidays and birthdays were fun just because we could have day offs or have special foods.

Since I got married to him, however, I learned those days were important to make a family-bond strong: Not only because we eat cake or special food together, but also because we express how much we love him/her and how much he/she is precious for us through cards or direct words.

Even if we fill in our loved one’s daily needs, like packing lunches, doing laundry, or going out together, by expressing our affection in words, George taught me that those caring actions became truly meaningful and communicate our loving message.

It is also true that the more occasions I have to thank, the more I notice how much I am blessed.

As I appreciate how much he’s made my life rich, he always points to God, saying he is simply obeying our Heavenly Father.

Though I’m not sure how many more Father’s Days will come to celebrate, I want to make the most of this day to honor my father-in-law as well as George.

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  1. Good morning Kathy, I too learned alot from George about family, my mom will be 93 this week, and I too adore how she selflessly thinks about others, much like you do. Be blessed as you seek Him today.

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