Hold Off Tykerb

Last night updating my blog, I wondered why I am taking a chance if a doctor can determine if I am allergic to Tykerb or not.  I e-mailed my oncologist, and then, though it was after 10 pm, she replied to me allowing to hold off Tykerb until I hear from a specialist, with a sidenote that  she was not sure if there was a skin test for Tykerb.

Although I initiated the question, once I was told to hold off the Tykerb, immediately I became nervous thinking ; ‘no.  If I hold if off, cancer may grow fast,’ and ‘a specialist may not really find out  if I am allergic to or not if there is no skin test.’

The appointment with an allergy specialist is next Thursday.

Vegetables and Fruits are Better Than Supplements

At night I went to a seminar of supplements sponsored by a hospital.  I was amazed to hear that antioxidant vitamins are not only beneficial but also sometimes they could be harmful.   A speaker said it would be much better to have a variety of vegetables and fruits instead of supplements in order to prevent cancer, although I thought I was doing so, and could not prevent cancer.

Being  afraid of cancer getting active, I was thinking of taking acai berry juice . I was holding it off  while I was taking radiation, but it is an antioxidant supplement.  I was discouraged to take it again.  Well, I guess I have to go back to my refuge-Jesus.

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