Radiation “Field Trip” Shuttle

I have come close to the end of the 28 days of radiation with 5 more days to go.

God has prescribed a surprise “palliative” for this radiation that I had once scared about multiple side effects and after effects and .

A radiation oncologist allowed me to use a shuttle bus to get radiation instead of driving by myself and this trip by the shuttle has saved my energy and gas fee, but also has given me fun “field trips” that diluted all my worries.

The patients I go together with daily are 10-15 women and men in various ethnicities.  The average age may be over 60, and we all have serious disease, cancer, but everyone is friendly and fun!

Mr. A ,who is black and used to be a mailman in N.Y., told us about his tough time memories – like he would be chased by dogs and gangs while he was delivering mails, and at high school where  the discrimination still existed, he couldn’t remember names of white students because they all “looked the same.”  He told the stories with a big smile and humor without any grudge or bitterness.

Mrs. B is a brave 82 year old woman,who  did  skydiving on her 80th birthday.    Showing her smiling pictures in which she was being held by an instructor in the sky stretching her four limbs, she said she didn’t feel any fear, but felt so good, like becoming a bird.

Ms. C, who lives with a female partner, is a spark for everyone.  Showing her cat pictures, she said, “ He is so slow.  He needs Special Ed.” While she makes us laugh, she also shows her caring part giving out her hand-made beanies to everyone.

We all have to wait in the waiting room until the last person finishes radiation, but while we were waiting for the last person, Mrs. D got a mischievous idea saying, “What if we all hid somewhere and surprised her (the last person)?  The bathroom is big so we can all hide there. We can take the men, too.”  She is so spontaneous  that it is hard to imagine that she already had one battle with thyroid cancer  a few years ago and now she is fighting with breast cancer.

The bus driver is a young small black lady, whom we call a “cowboy driver”.  She drives so fast that the bus is almost kissing the car in front of us: She competes and doesn’t let a car come into her lane.

One day, all of a sudden. she yelled and quickly got off the freeway to park the bus.  She told us the bus broke down and she couldn’t control the power steering and the brake.  We could’ve had a big car accident but we were safe maybe because she was a really and excellent “cowboy driver”!

On the left, where the bus stopped, was a Mexican restaurant surrounded by beautiful bougainvilleas with a big banner of “Happy Hour” with a “champagne” on the wall.

On the right was a Korean church.

“ We can go to the restaurant to have champagne till the new bus comes to pick us up, or we can go to the church and pray to thank God,” said I.

Nobody complained but we laughed and enjoyed this extra time until the new bus came to pick us up.

“ We have an angel on this bus” said Ms. C with smile, but probably I am not the only one who believes that this is not a joke but the truth.

7 thoughts on “Radiation “Field Trip” Shuttle

  1. I love this entire entry! I had heard about the shuttle but now realize what wonderful things happen when you share your stories with each other.

    I am so happy to hear that you are almost finished with your radiation treatments. At your stage, I was counting the days!

    God and your driver must have a special connection!

  2. You are so amasing, finding the good in everything, God IS good, and so are you!!! 🙂

  3. Kathy, You are always such an inspiration to me! Every time I read your blog I know why George loves you so much! I fall in love with you more each time! You are the beautiful reflection of Jesus we all strive to be! It breaks my heart to know you have to go through this pain but you remind me that even through the very worst times here, God gives us mercy and grace through shuttle busses and the people he puts in our paths to make it better. Thank you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Lisa

  4. May God bless the “Glow in the Dark Express”!
    The Community of God’s Spirit happens in the most unlikely places –
    Keep your antenna up – who knows what God is up to!

  5. Kathy, you are a wonderful writer. Keep up the good work. GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I. Pa

  6. Kathy,
    A very large congratulation on finishing your radiation treatment program!
    You did it with grace and was an inspiration to those that you encountered there.
    XO, Lenore

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