Common Ground of Cancer Survivors

Last night I heard news that a 5 year old boy, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and given a prognoses of three weeks to live, was saved.

According to the news, this boy had metastatic cancer  spreading from brain to bone via bone marrow after aggressive 1 year treatments with chemo, surgery, and radiation followed by just 17 days remission.

When the devastated father contacted five different hospitals, in Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston and Memphis, he was told the same answer with no hope.   However because the father never gave up, he finally found a doctor at LA Children’s Hospital, who could perform a very cutting-edge treatment, a bone marrow transplant, the boy was saved.

Usually if cancer is in stage four spreading to other parts of a body, it is said as incurable.  Yet, If I look for, I hear numerous stories of those who survived from the stage four or even terminal cancer like the last night news and noticed that there is an affinity among them:

1.  Never Give Up

Survivors seek the newest or best treatment asking the 2nd and more opinions without accepting “No”.

2. Being Assertive

Instead of depending for  everything on a doctor, survivors search information, learn their disease, and participate in making decisions for treatments.  The more information you have, the more chance you have to find the best doctor/hospital,  and treatment/remedy.

3. Good Communication with a Doctor

Survivors and doctors are  good teams exchanging information accurately and the patients obey all the directions doctors give.  They also have a good teamwork with their families: Two is better than one to discuss with a doctor.  Preparing questions ahead and taking notes make a doctor more accountable.

4. Love and Support

Survivors have loving support from their families and friends, or  cancer support groups.  ( Some reports say that an intimate relationship strengthens a patient’s immune system.)

5. Hope

Instead of being intimidated by fear or worries, survivors enjoy each day with gratitude and never lose hope

6. Faith

Survivors are always praying.  The faith brings peace, and peace brings hope.

A breast cancer survivor, Vickie Girard, who was told she had 6 months to live, but survived for 15 years beating cancer, wrote in her book, There’s No Place Like Hope:

No one but God knows how many days any of us are meant to walk this earth.  Not a doctor, not a hospital, not even we ourselves. As Gracie Allen once said, ‘ Never place a period in your life where God only meant to place a comma.’ ”  “All the healing powers do not come from the outside, but that many are found within ourselves.”

Many survivors who broke with medical commonsense encourage me.  Now keep fighting!

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  1. I love the quote by Vicky Girard. Thank you for sharing it. For all the wonderful medical advancements and the skills of fine doctors, there is still more about healing that they don’t know than what they do. Faith, hope, and love are powerful healers. May I remind you that you have all three of those in abundance! In our physical world we cannot see around corners. In God there are no corners and faith transcends the limits of “medical commonsense”. My prayers for you are for continued hope, healing, and an ever present sense of great love for you by many, many people and especially God.

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